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For shows and events ensures a pleasant air-conditioning for the optimum setting. The lightweight and efficient split air conditioner Cool Clima 6.7 creates with 6.7 kilowatts comfortable temperatures and makes independent of external temperatures. It is also air-conditioned offices, work or computer rooms. Cool Clima 6.7Cool Clima 6.7 - your special Plus: The powerful, quiet all-rounder does not need a refrigerant, because he works with water as refrigerant. This makes installation easy. Even without professional staff can this air conditioner anywhere - even in windowless rooms and basements - easily connect. The especially flexible pipes can be accessed by stairs or minimal holes in wall or ceiling embarrassed.
Procool 17000
Versatile is the 5-kilowatt-Spot Cooler PROCOOL 17000.

In industrial and manufacturing sectors the Cool ENVIRO 10 provides the robust combined device for clima control. It cools, heats and dehumidified with 10 kilowatts and can be used for indoor or outdoor installation.Procool 17000

Besides air-conditioning units are also water-and air-cooled Chillers 10 to 1,000 kW in the lease. In addition, new cooling towers up into the megawatt range are available.

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